Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Bruised Reed - A month on

I have an absolutely shocking memory for anything except vocab and book titles. I said I had made this blog to blog through my experiences reading the Puritan Reading Challenge 2008, and it may not have escaped your notice that it’s March and I haven’t posted anything yet. That’s because I have a bad tendency to read things and then not really take them in. In an attempt to counteract this, I’m hoping to read all the books in the Puritan Reading Challenge twice, once in the month that’s allocated for them, and then once again after a month has passed. That way I read the books twice without becoming overly bored of them, I get to read the book already knowing the rough shape of the writer’s argument and I get to see which things I’ve taken in and which things have gone in one ear and out the other (which, I fear, may be most of it).

January brought with it “The Bruised Reed” by 17th Century Anglican puritan minister, Richard Sibbes (1577-1635). It’s only 128 pages long, and I got it more than half way through the month, and read through it quite quickly. This month I hope to read through it chapter by chapter, highlighting the main points of Sibbes’ argument, and particular things that struck me that I need to take on board more deeply. I hope you benefit from what I put up.

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