Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Puritan Perusals

One of the main motivations for starting this blog was to put up useful things from my reading this reading plan for some of the shorter (or more successfully abridged) works of the 17th Century English Reformed community. This is partly so I actually read them and take in what they're saying, but also to remind me of them later.

If you want to take part, the reading plan's up there. Over here in the UK most of the books are priced at about £5-£6 from The Banner of Truth Trust or on Amazon. None of the books are as long as 300 pages, so there's a requirement of less that 10 pages a day in a small paperback (some months it's less than five pages!). It's not too late to start this month's book (in fact I don't have it yet) because it's only 128 pages long. If you live in the States I gather there some kind of discount you can get from here.

Every Blessing!

Rev'd Dr Who

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