Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The voyage begins...

I've started this blog just to post up favourite thoughts from books I'm reading or have read, as well as a few books reviews. From time to time perhaps I'll mention if I'm doing anything else.

As far as the name is concerned, you should know before we start that I'm not an ordained member of any denomination, nor do I hold a PhD, DD or anything of the like. I'm not a Timelord either. I'm an undergraduate studying for a BA in French, German and Spanish at St John's College, Durham, UK.

The name is taken from a sermon delivered by the Rev'd Dr Stephen Hampton (who is both a real Rev'd and a real Dr!... Also a real legend) who was at the time Senior Tutor of St John's College. It would take too long to explain the context, and even then you'd never be able to understand the wonder that is Stevie H.

I have chosen this name for my blog because I hope to read a lot of books from outside my "home century" as C.S. Lewis once put it, dotting forward and backwards in time like Dr Who, the protagonist of a cult TV sci-fi drama.

I hope you enjoy my random musings.

Rev'd Dr Who

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